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All of this is possible with laughter and tailored initiatives that can develop people’s mind-set.

Positive Transformation through Laughter

I’m Søren Dinitzen – a Danish instructor, facilitator and presenter, who help individuals become happier, more energised, and more efficient through the use of laughter.


Laughter is a powerful tool to create positive change – and there are many ways to use laughter. With tailored courses, presentations, and workshops, I create a positive atmosphere that makes it possible to broaden people’s horizon and make them experience the incredible power of laughter. By doing so, the participants will experience very beneficial results, such as:


Improved happiness and well-being

Increased motivation and job satisfaction

Higher energy levels and efficiency

A more positive mind-set

Tailored Courses for Individuals and Companies

I help transforming people and companies with tailored services, which are created specifically for the participating individuals or companies as well as the settings and desired outcome. The services I offer are:



Laughter courses

Company courses

One-to-one courses


Do you want to know more about my services, what laughter can do for you, and how I can help you or your company? Feel free to contact me to find out more or to book me.

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